Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Manly Fabric

I've had several requests for manly dog collars. This is my newest fabric find:

Isn't it fun?! And macho. If you are interested in ordering collars and/or leashes in this fabric please click on the contact image at the top of the page.

Thanks for looking!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Ribbons and Bows

Amber and I did our first craft show yesterday. It was so fun! I sold some things and got some custom orders that I will work on this week. The best part was meeting all the people...the other vendors were so friendly and the customers were great! I loved finding out what kind of dogs everyone had. There's somthin' special about dog people...

Here's a few pics of our booth.

This is a close up of Amber's jewelry, Nola Mae.

This is a close up of Pet Panache.

This is a shot of the whole booth and much to her dismay, that's Amber in the background!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Some Answers to Good Questions

It has been brought to my attention that my collars and pillows are kind of girly. This is because all three of my dogs are girls and both of my children are girls and I am a girl. (Poor Wes is SO outnumbered!) I forget that some people have boys. So, I will be on the lookout for some macho, manly type fabric. Camouflage, maybe?!

Also, I am not able at this time to personalize the collars. This is because they are adjustable and the collar must slide smoothly in the adjuster and also it is not possible to center the monogramming on the collar since you can change the size as needed. I am puzzling that one over and hopefully sometime in the future I'll be able to offer a different style of collar that can be monogrammed.

Questions are good! Let me know if you have any more and I'll do my best to answer them.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Cat Collars

I now have adjustable kitty collars! They are available in the same fabrics as the dog collars with a sweet little gold bell. This collar has a breakaway release buckle for safety. Please never use this collar with a leash. They are $10.


I can make these pillows with Velcro removable (and washable!) slipcovers in two sizes: Small 24"x24" and Large 35"x35". The insert is made of a sturdy off-white ticking and stuffed with either 20 oz (small) or 40 oz (large) washable polyfill. They are available in the same fabrics as the collars plus the pictured zebra print with either hot pink, turquoise or red piping trim.

I was also thinking that not only are these lovely (and comfy) dog beds but they would also make super floor pillows for my kids' playroom. So if you know anyone who doesn't have pets but has kids please let them know that these are available.

The small insert and slipcover is $35 and additional small slipcovers are $20. The large insert and slipcover is $45 and additional large slipcovers are $30.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I also have coordinating leashes available. All leashes are 45" long with a steel snap-hook. Large leash is 1" wide and coordinates with the Large Adjustable Collar, Medium leash is 3/4" wide and coordinates with the Medium Adjustable Collars, and the Small leash is 5/8" wide and coordinates with the Small and Extra Small Adjustable Collars. Look here for fabric choices and collars.

Christmas Ribbon Party Collars

These are so fun! Please note that the Party Collars are NOT functional collars--they slip over your dog's everyday collar for decorative purposes. Also, please do not leave your pet unsupervised while wearing the Party Collar. They come with or without jingle bells in a variety of different ribbons.

These elastic collars are available in three sizes: Large approx. 18"-22", Medium s approx. 14"-17", and Small approx. 9"-13". Supplies are limited...please let me know your main color preference, whether you prefer grosgrain or sheer ribbon and if you want bells. I can send you pictures of the items I have that most closely match your specifications. Pricng for the Ribbon Collars: Large $16.50, Medium $14.50 and Small $12.50.

Grand Opening!

Welcome to the Grand Opening of my new blog! Here are some items that I have for sale:

These are samples of the adjustable dog collars. I have them available in 4 sizes: Large fits neck sizes 15"-24", Medium fits neck sizes 12"-19", Small fits neck sizes 10-15", and Extra Small fits neck sizes 7"-11". For reference, the Large fits my German Shepherd and Golden Retriever. The Small fits my 6-month old Sheltie.

They are available in the following fabrics:

Snow Day Lime

Ta Dot Berry

Green Damask

Pop Garden Red

Blue Mosaic
Modern Dot Pink

Lotus Paisley Lime

Santa Dots

Chocolate Flowers

The pricing for the adjustable collars: Large and Medium $12.00, Small and Extra Small $10.00